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Skybox Specs

  • Designed for 6-sided cube mapping layout . (4096x4096 for each side)
  • Inspired by Super Mario 64 skyboxes, and skyboxes of similar games.
  • Designed for Unity, but can be adapted to other engines, especially Unreal.
  • Features 3 nebula variants, 1 nighttime atmosphere variant, 2 starfield variants, and 4 pixelly retro variants.


  • x1 6-Sided Red Starfield Cubemap (4096x4096 x6)
  • x1 6-Sided Blue Starfield Cubemap (4096x4096 x6)
  • x3 6-Sided Nebula Cubemap Variations (4096x4096 x6 x3)
  • x3 6-Sided Nebula Cubemap Variations merged with Red Starfield (4096x4096 x6 x3)
    • Bonus: x3 Retro Variations (256x256 x6 x3) (One for each variation)
  • x1 6-Sided Transparent Midnight Atmosphere Cubemap (4096x4096 x6)
  • x1 6-Sided Midnight Atmosphere Cubemap merged with Blue Starfield (4096x4096 x6)
    • Bonus: x1 Retro Variation (256x256 x6)
  • Preconfigured Unity Cubmap materials
  • Example Unity Scenes

License Info

Purchase of this asset pack allows commercial use of its assets, even without credit. Although, credit is appreciated. The only restriction is that the assets in this pack cannot be redistributed on their own. For example, using these assets for a commercial game, game jam, or YouTube video is acceptable. However, re-packaging these assets in your own asset pack is not allowed. If using these files with source control, like Git, please ensure these files can't be downloaded freely by the public. Distribution among a team working on a project is fine.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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