EDIT: I uploaded a post jam update after the competition to incorporate the feedback I got. Thank you for playing!

Made for the Discord Jam#3: Distribution (48-hr Jam)

Keep your party well equipped! Choose the right tools for the job! Keep everyone alive!


  • Left Mouse Button: Drop * Give * Swap
  • Scroll Wheel: Change selected item
  • Cursor: Move the Squire


  • Fire beats grass, grass beats water, water beats fire! Remember this when equipping items. Some monsters are resistant to certain weapons.
  • Collect the green herbs and use them on an ally to heal them.
  • Enemies will target the Warrior first, so keep him equipped with a shield. Enemies will try to knock shields aside, so be vigilant!


  • Art: Made by me within the 48-hrs.
  • Programming: Made by me within the 48-hrs.
  • Music: Not by me, used purchased assets.
  • Font: Not by me, used public domain assets.


The Demon Squire - Original Jam Entry.zip 6.5 MB


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The graphics are awesome and the music gives a very dramatic vibe. It's a nice idea for a game about Distribution. The gameplay is pretty easy for me because I survived until I got 46 coins without doing anything :D


This was pretty solid, and i especially enjoyed the move animation on moving the player. Looks great for the amount of time that you had.